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Client Testimonials

“I am really thrilled with the barn and have received MANY compliments on it. Kistler exceeded my expectations for …”

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I wanted to let you know that we are 100% satisfied with the porch replacement job …”

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Client Comments

““Dealing with Kistler Buildings has been an exceptional pleasure as you walk the talk. You brought our building in on schedule, on budget, with exceptional quality and with no fuss …”

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“I would like to thank your team for our new Barn. It has turned out better than I could hope for. Everyone on your team has been …”

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“We are very happy with the construction of our garage and would not hesitate to recommend you. We were also very pleased with how you performed work …”

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Building Green

Kistler Buildings … A Friend to the Environment

Environmentally Friendly Construction

Recycling EmblemPeople today are concerned about the environmental impact of new construction. And so are we. At Kistler, we’re proud of our 30 year history of environmental consciousness and continue to erect some of the most “green” buildings available today. Our conservative, efficient construction practices mean fewer materials are needed to create the same strength characteristics as other building types. This means less carbon dioxide and other wastes are produced.

And while the renewable aspects of wood and recyclable nature of steel is significant, it is our efficient use of materials, along with the long-term energy efficiency of our buildings, which make them greener than any other type of structure.

An interesting yet little known fact is that the building process accounts for less than 7% of a building's energy use over its lifespan. Whereas the building's use over time accounts for 93% of its energy consumption. From both an environmental and business perspective, it’s important to evaluate the building’s entire life cycle in choosing a builder. Because a Kistler Building is built in less time and can achieve far superior insulation values, compared to others, our structures are both substantially more "green" and can save you more green.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Wood is arguably the most “Green” building material available today. Growing trees remove carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas that scientist agree is causing global climate change, from the atmosphere. Sadly, the production of most other building materials emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. And wood is a renewable resource and therefore not susceptible to supply shortages as non-renewable products can be.

What about deforestation? Contrary to a widely held misconception, managed harvesting of wood does not cause deforestation. While clearing of land for agricultural use is by far the leading cause of tropical deforestation worldwide, responsible forest management over the past 100 years has left the United States and Canada with more wood growing now than a century ago.

Our use of the time proven material “concrete” for our foundation columns underscores our commitment to using local materials to provide a long lasting structure that is minimally invasive and unmatched in environmental responsibility. Steel reinforced concrete foundation columns, made in a controlled environment with precision, yield the most efficient and green foundation system in the industry. This one component alone sets Kistler Buildings far apart than any other building.

Other Builders

Most “pole barn” builders use pressure-preservative wood as the foundation of their buildings. This treatment, a mixture of arsenic, chrome and copper was restricted in use by the EPA in 2002. It has since been banned from use on decks and playground equipment altogether. The EPA has called for the voluntary removal of these products, due to health concerns for humans and the adverse effects of their leaching into some soils. This poisonous mixture has been replaced by chemicals such as Copper Naphthenate (CuNap), Alkaline Copper Quaternary(ACQ), Micronized Copper Quaternary(MCQ), and Copper Azole(CA), which are among the arsenic free wood preservatives currently allowed in exterior applications, but cannot be embedded or buried for structural purposes.

The discount barn builder will try to disguise this catastrophe by wrapping or sleeving the wood post to delay the inevitable post failure. Some states are already considering banning wood foundations from accepted building practices, due to the uncertainty and liability of these treatments.

The take away message is clear:   A concrete supported, non-poisonous wood post is better for you and the environment.

Our Commitment to Building Green

As part of our continued commitment to building green, we invite you to ask questions about how your new building can achieve the lowest environmental impact, while achieving the most efficient use of energy.


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